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Travels || Batik in Bali

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During our trip to Bali, we wanted to explore more of the history and cultural of textiles in Bali so we decided to travel about two hours to this small village in Ubud to meet with artisans to learn more about the ancient technique of Batik! Batik is a technique using wax and dye to decorate textiles that has been practiced for centuries. This technique was so mesmerizing to watch and requires a lot of patience and preparation. Each design is first stenciled on a white cloth or a pre dyed fabric. Artisans then take a tool called tjanting, a needle made of solid brass, and dips it into wax to fill the designs with small dots (the word batik originates from the Javanese tik and it means to dot).

This is repeated to apply a few layers of wax. The cloth is then dipped into a pot with dye. When the cloth has achieved it's color. Wax is scraped off in some parts to get a second color or wax is continued to apply if needed to achieve more colors around the design. Some of the batik we saw were incredibly intricate.

August Sage Bali BatikTjanting, a needle made of solid brass, is used to dip into wax and fill out the designs. 
August Sage Bali BatikIt takes a lot of patience to complete a design using this Batik method.
August Sage Bali Batik
August Sage Bali BatikAdding more wax to add additional colors
August Sage Bali BatikLetting the wax dry