Our core values

Uncompromising master craftsmanship

We meticulously seek out the highest standards in each destination. Selecting craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Refined by history and passion. A life’s work dedicated to creating art.

Matters derived from nature

Every piece of ours starts in a raw natural form, no plastics or chemicals or harmful toxins. We believe keeping to raw materials, traditional methods of artisanship will create a closer bond to its owner and nature - its rough textures, natural dyes, and elegant designs drawing you ever closer in an immersive experience.

A complete story

You deserve to learn about what you put into your home with the complete story. We have full transparency in the process, from design intention, sourcing of materials to the finishing touches on any piece.

Map of artisan locations Map of artisan locations

We believe in the mission to support local artisan communities around the world

We carefully select our artisans, trusting their skills and work quality to create the exquisite pieces found in our collections. We spend weeks working side by side directly with our partners to perfect the process and design, ensuring that every piece exceeds our high standards before bringing them to your doorstep. Our method builds a unique relationship with our artisan partners, forming as valuable a partner to them as they are to us by creating partnerships that benefit artisan communities and promote the conditions in which creative expression can shine through. Modern convenience has seen a shift toward mass production and inferior quality materials at the cost of skilled artisans worldwide. We are working against this trend to provide artisans with access to larger markets and provide our customers with valuable pieces so challenging to come by in our fast-paced everyday lives.


Heritage Preservation

You are also supporting the preservation of cultural and social traditions and you are part of sustaining ancient techniques of their communities.

Job Integrity

By integrating artisans into the global economy by bringing their amazing crafted skills into the market and providing them with fair income for their work.

Environmental Sustainability

We understand that mother earth loves us and we take into consideration the impact of our actions. Our artisan share our values with their methods of not using chemicals, plastics or anything that could cause harm to their community and the land they live off of.

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