Timeless traditions made for the modern home.


Rare & Unique materials

Our Ankole horn collection skillfully
handcrafted only in East Africa.


A piece for every home

Each of our goods are carefully curated and custom
designed to provide a cultured touch to your home.


Our Philosophy

August Sage strives to offer unique, modern pieces for the home by fair-trade artisan communities around the world. All of our pieces are 100% handmade, sourced through fair trade practices, use natural and sustainable materials and processes, and reflect the unique and diverse heritage of our artisans. Every piece carries a timeless display of culture with a lasting impact on these communities. Each of our goods are curated and custom designed to provide a cultured touch to your home, while enabling these artisans to preserve their heritage, promote their craft, and empower their communities.

Artisan Partners

Behind every one of our pieces comes with rich history and culture. Learn more about our artisans and the core values behind our partnerships.

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Our Journal

Follow along to read more about our travels, timeless techniques we learn from our artisans, our new collections, and other styling tips.

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