Rowena Lei

Touches of old world charm, brings history, culture, and art to life. 

The spirit of adventure, the curiosity of exploration, and the affinity of diverse cultures are what drive us to do what we do. Driven by a passion for discovery, we travel the globe in search of unique history, stories, and ways of life. August Sage embraces the various forms in which people preserve and express their heritage.

We love styling our home with unique pieces from around the world, but understand that finding them may be challenging. That’s why we combined our passion for exploration with our modern style to work closely with our artisans to bring you the unique and fair trade sourced pieces we offer today. 

Each piece carries with it a story spanning generations. We aim to establish positive and impactful relationships with diverse communities to bring you these special pieces that reflect the timeless qualities of each group.

Letter From the Founder


I started August Sage to share the power and my love for the home. My own personal growth and self discovery has always been formed in my own sanctuary. Home for me means cultivating the life you want to live, and true creative expression of the person you are. A space that is beautiful and inspiring will allow that artistic energy to flourish. 

I noticed a gap in the market that didn't address the impact of meaningful home accents that could inspire my wellbeing and creativity. 

From the very beginning of your morning ritual to evenings of cooking and entertaining with friends, or peacefulness of reading a book. I created this brand for you to enjoy your space and to provide you with the tools to live an artistic life. 

With Love,

Rowena Signature
Rowena Lei, Founder & Creative Director
rowena lei

The world will always ebb and flow out of my control, but I'll always have influence over the  moods of my home.


Creation and design is in our DNA. Our in-house designs complement our curated and collaborative collections. We're on-the-ground, learning the culture and living the lifestyle. A true devotion to bringing the most authentic experience tailored to our August Sage women


A true melding of creative minds. Our exclusive design collaboration with artist & brands to create pieces that take the curated brand experience to another level.


It's a big world and we want you to get the most out it. We realized that many artists and designers work directly with craftsmen and align with our philosophy. We've carefully hand selected creative partners to voice a collective story.