Letter From the Founder


I started August Sage to share the power, and my love, of home. My self discovery and contemplation has always stemmed from my own sanctuary. Home for me offers a place to cultivate the life you want to live, supplying a rare space for personal creative expression. A space that is beautiful and inspiring will allow that artistic energy to flourish. 

I believe that if home is to be a place that promotes personal growth, the things that fill it should add value and enrich you. I want to introduce you to the work of artisans and master craftsmen who have spent their lives honing ancient techniques, and imbue your home with that sense of artistry so that it inspires you. Often we mindlessly buy trinkets and items that feel temporary even as we’re buying them. My vision for August sage is to promote a more mindful existence.

From the very beginning of your morning ritual to evenings of cooking and entertaining with friends, or peacefulness of reading a book. I created August Sage for you to enjoy your space and to provide you with the tools to live an artistic life.

With Love,

Rowena Signature
Rowena Lei, Founder & Creative Director
rowena lei
entryway with vases and natural woven basket

The world will always ebb and flow out of my control, but I'll always have influence over the  moods of my home.