Antonia Textured Extra Large Vase in Crema


Make a statement - Refined & Raw, an Understated Luxury piece. Inspired by a minimalist style, in an earthy hue and texture. Our vessels are influenced by organic shapes and Wabi-Sabi living with its matte porous finish. The Antonia Vase is designed for proportion and balance for a dramatic oversized tabletop or floor. A perfect statement piece for creating sculptural branch styling done by the likes of interior designer, Athena Calderone and stylist, Colin King. The vase's interior is finished with a glaze to hold water. Ideal for styling with foliage (our favorite is using pampas).

Each vase is hand-thrown and to bring out slight variations. It takes approximately a week from start to finish by seven artisans in their Tonalá, pueblo workshop with traditional Guadalajara techniques. The area is known as the heart of Mexican ceramic heritage.

Product Origin




  • Dimensions: 6" W x 14"H
  • Color: Matte Cream
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Origin: Mexico

The Craft

Each piece is hand-throw on a wheel. It takes one week from start to finish. The clay is a custom blend of various powders (native to the region) to create a raw matte exterior and neutral color palette.

The clay is mixed by foot and is then kneaded before throwing each piece by hand. The piece dries in the sun for a couple of days before its stamped, glazed inside and outside and then fired in the kiln for a half a day.

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