Sofia Oval Bud Vase in Tierra


Inspired by minimalist style, finished with an earthy sand finish. Our ceramic bud vase is influenced by organic shapes and Wabi Sabi living with its matte porous finish. The versatile piece can be styled with or without florals (the insides are glazed), it looks great paired up alongside her sister piece, the Ana Paula, other ceramics, or as a standalone. Each vase is hand-thrown and to bring out slight variations. It takes approximately 4 days start to finish by a group of 7 artisans in their Tonalá, pueblo workshop with traditional Guadalajara techniques. The area is known as the heart of Mexican ceramic heritage. 

The Sophia is named after the sister of Ana Paula - like her sister, she is wonderfully creative, and a passionate feminist. Trained as architect, but has also been establishing herself in the male dominated field of construction.

Product Origin




  • Dimension: 3.5" D x 4.5" H
  • Color: Sandstone
  • Country of origin: Mexico

The Craft

Each piece is hand-throw on a wheel. It takes one week from start to finish. The clay is a custom blend of various powders to create a raw matte exterior and neutral color palette.

First, the clay is mixed by foot. Then the clay is kneaded before throwing each piece by hand. They work dries i the sun for a couple of days before its stamped, glazed inside and outside and then into the kiln for a half a day.

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