Like everyone else, after having a year of monumental ups and down, I could use some holiday cheer starting right about…now. Usually as soon as fall hits, I start thinking about how to bring in cozy vibes that keep me sane through February especially right after the post holiday blues. Anyone else feel the letdown and slight depression on Dec. 26?


Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep the holiday cheer flowing, by incorporating it with the trends of the moment without having to keep the Christmas decor staying out way past its time!


Add Moodiness & Drama

Leave the bright and light airy for spring. I’ve been really leaning towards more of the darker, masculine tones & textures lately for winter. Colin King (in NYC) and Jake Arnold  (in LA) have been leading the way of refined moodiness that still feels light but with some sass. A way to achieve the look in a small scale is by doing vignettes  to add contrasts. Matte black objects paired with simple natural wood and vintage/antique pieces.


Wabi-Sabi - Winter Edition

We’re witnessing a cultural shift, calling out the toxicity of perfectionism from a lifestyle and materials perspective. Especially during a season that typically brings out the stress associated with entertaining and trying to play the perfect host. This Christmas, with all the challenges the year has brought, let’s look to embrace and appreciate the beauty of imperfections in objects and life. Look for asymmetry, roughness, and simplicity in natural objects and process.rustic christmas


Green is Breaking Up with Red

Soft sage and lots of greenery is making its way into homes all year round. Big tree branches, all green garlands, dried florals, and do I even dare to say your Christmas tree can stay for awhile? Create earthy winter vibes with olive branches, cypress, pine, cedar, spruce, hemlock, juniper, and eucalyptus. A neutral color palette that mimics nature and feels soothing. Sage pairs really well with a soft tan brown, beige/cream or a touch of blush.
Pro tip: keep misting your branches or foliage everyday. They do dry out easily and you might have to go out and replace them. Give your fresh garlands an overnight soak in the bathtub before hanging them to ensure they get their max longevity.


Add Texture and Layers

This one is simple but so vital when it comes to achieving the ultimate holiday coziness. Decorate with  soft layers to provide comfort in your space for friends and family. My favorite way to do this is choose one color, my go to is a beige or cream. Mix it up with different natural materials and in every room like alpaca throws draped on the sofa, sheepskin on dining chairs, and wool pillows on the bed to add interest to keep the space from falling flat.
living room
Love to hear your thoughts about these trends for the holiday?

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