Welcome to August Sage 2.0
Welcome to August Sage 2.0

Welcome to August Sage 2.0

We're so excited that you're here for the new chapter of August Sage. If you're new here, let me start from the beginning and give you a quick recap.

August Sage originally started back in 2017 as an artisan handcrafted home accessories brand. I started the brand after noticing the gap in the market for genuine, authentic home decor pieces that married the traditional, slow craftsmanship with the refined sophistication of today's home. I partnered with artisans and sourced these pieces around the world traveling to various destination developing close connection and educating myself diligently on the different natural materials and techniques along with intensive cultural understanding. I dedicated my heart and soul to bringing these pieces into the US and to provide a platform for artisans to thrive and have economic opportunity and pride in their work. We closed down our e-commerce shop this past year in September and have taken some time to slow down and enjoy life. 

During this time, I noticed that there was something I left behind when we closed as if it was unresolved and unsettling notion kept biting at me. The stem of it all and reason I started August Sage came from my love of interiors, travel, design, craftsmanship and connection. Closing August Sage felt like I closed those doors and bolted it down with a lock. I continue to travel, seeking those special people, places and things that make the world and our lives such richer. 

With the new edition of August Sage, we'll share a special collection of all my years on the road and my tireless experiences. What you can expect is an assortment of all things that August Sage continues to stand for from the beginning. Joining me on the journey is the silent but significant, my husband and co-founder, Grant Busey. From the early part of August Sage, our love story had yet begun but as August Sage grew and evolved our love and bond of travel and design integrated itself into the brand you see today. You'll hear his voice and vision in this new rendition, along with our endless love for one another.  

Hope you enjoy embarking on this new journey with us as much we love sharing. 

rowena lei and grant bursey

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