THE MAKERS behind our collections

We believe in the mission to support local artisan communities around the world with limited resources and to help integrate artisans into the global economy by bringing their amazing crafted skills into the market and providing them with fair income for their work. Choosing artisan products means you are not only supporting them financially but you are also supporting the preservation of cultural and social traditions and you are part of sustaining ancient techniques of their communities. Why do we price our products the way we do? In order to bring you the highest quality in our crafted pieces and be able to support our artisans, we offer them fair pricing for their skilled work and finest material. We never question or negotiate the pricing of our artisan partners. We believe in fair-trade and ethically made products. The profits each artisan makes is invested back into themselves and their families so they can cover expenses such as education for their children, medical expenses, food and clothing, as well as skill development and resources needed to further grow their business.



Our artisan partnerships are the most invaluable part of August Sage. We strive to create and foster beneficial relationships with our artisan partners that benefit their communities and preserve their heritage. Before establishing a partnership, we dedicate hours towards understanding their backgrounds to ensure we support and uphold our commitment to fair trade and ethical practices. We strive to continue growing our global network of partners by prioritizing the wellbeing of the people behind our goods.


Our artisan partners and we value the resources provided by the Earth, which is reflected by their traditional hand crafting techniques. We aim to support these indigenous techniques that involve the use of organic, naturally occurring materials and dyes that are low impact or assembled by hand by artisans. The partnerships with our artisans promote and preserve their crafts by providing their people with a means to sustain their communities through their timeless methods; methods that are under threat from the ever industrializing world today.


Quality is built in to every product we offer and is a reflection of the refinement our artisans add over the generations. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted, taking hours or days to complete with little to no use of modern machinery. Our artisans take pride in their craft and knowing that their meticulous techniques will be prominently displayed in your home. We partner closely with each of our artisans to carefully curate and design custom traditional pieces of the highest quality and workmanship that cannot be found elsewhere.