Whiskey & Clay Ceramic Pour Over


Ceramics for everyday use. Inspired by the far west Texas sky and earth, Whiskey & Clay blends porcelain with stoneware to give each piece a timeless desert feel. Pieces are high fired in a heavy-reduction gas kiln, the outcome creates dark rust tones and brightly developed glazes that give each its own identity.

Product Origin

new mexico

new mexico


Designed and made by ceramics artist, Kimmy Rohr. 

Working with clay is like therapy for Kimmy. When she sits at the wheel to throw, she turns inward and becomes very focused on the piece that she's working at hand. 

The creation process is extremely involved, starting with high-fire clay, stoneware, and porcelain, then by marbling them together just a bit to give the piece a spiral touch. the clay is then "thrown" into shape on the wheel. Most pieces start as a simple cylinder, then take form from there - open it out to a bowl, cinch into a bottle, etc. once dried to "leather-hard," she then trims and cleans the foot, stamp, and sands the edges. The piece dries to greenware, is then dipped in glaze, and cooked up to over 2,000 degrees.


  • Stoneware and porcelain blend cup with pier base glaze
  • These items are handmade and natural, expect variations in colors + patterns


Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

Founder's Note

I found Whiskey & Clay while I was at a weekend getaway in Terlingua, Texas while we were staying at the Willow House. The communal kitchen was filled with Whiskey & Clay's beautiful but durable pieces which we got to enjoy for all of our home-cooked meals and morning coffee. - Rowena

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