Ankole Horn Bowl


The Ankole horns used are ethically sourced as food by product to minimize waste as an alternative sustainable material resource.

Ankole horn comes from a stunning African native breed of cattle known for their distinctive horns. The horns are some of the largest in the world and can reach up to eight feet. Every horn is unique in its beautiful color variations from light to dark with stripes of ivory, black and brown. There are no two horns that are identical which makes every single one of these rare in its own way.

Each bowl is made by softening in boiling Shea butter, molded, buffed, and added lacquered shine. Ideal piece for showcasing jewelry on a nightstand or displayed on the coffee table on top of your favorite books.


  • Dimensions: Approximately 5"D x 2"H
  • Materials: Ankole Horn
  • Colors: Comes in dark or light horn
  • Origin: Kenya
  • Due to the considerable size of Ankole horns and their wide range of naturally occurring colors, no two will ever be exactly alike. Each unique piece features varying colors that highlight the shape of the dish


Because this product is made of pure natural horn, special care is required. Bowls are not dishwasher safe and should be hand-washed with lukewarm water after use and dried immediately with a soft cloth. This product also should not be left soaking in water. Bowls are heat sensitive and should avoid direct sunlight as high temperatures can cause the horn to crack or change in shape.

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