Six Ways to a Cozier Bedroom
Six Ways to a Cozier Bedroom

Six Ways to a Cozier Bedroom

Dress your bed in a thick throw or what I like to call, marshmallow fluff  

Even without a down comforter, having multiple soft layers can achieve the ultimate comfy bed look and feel.  

Pile on those Pillows 

At least two pillows per side is a minimum for baseline coziness. Anything beyond that helps increase that comfort factor, especially if you use pillows of various sizes and shape.


3. Clear Bedside Table

Having an overly cluttered nightstand can induce stress and be overwhelming. Keep the area clear with a table lamp (overhead lighting can be harsh), and a few of your favorite items. Beautiful jewelry piece, books or a calming scented candle would add a great touch.

4. Hydration

I rotate between coffee, water, and tea, but personally nothing soothes the soul better than a great cup of tea. For a rustic feel, try having your morning beverage with our enamel mugs. Perhaps it’ll bring to mind memories of your latest camping trip, without the discomforts of actually being outside!

polluck and cosmic enamel mug

5. Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Don’t think twice, indulge by making your first meal of the day something to be savored. Coziness is about having the luxury of time, so make yourself some French press coffee, an extra buttery croissant and a side of fruit to get your day off to a great start!

6. Lastly, invite a furry friend for the ultimate snuggles 

August Sage bedroom chunky wool throw\

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